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An Amazing Training by Nicole Seidlitz!

I just got home from a spectacular trip to Sedona Arizona, which was highlighted by spending 6 magical days learning Feng Shui under the direction of Nicole Seidlitz.

I must say Nicole was an outstanding teacher. I came into the program being self taught and having attended Feng Shui lectures at a conference in San Diego years ago. As fate should have it, I randomly stumbled across the website offering Feng Shui Masters Certification training in Sedona.

After a preliminary and brief conversation with Nicole prior to my committing to taking the training I knew this was a good fit for me, and was I right! This training was exactly what I needed to put me into the category of Feng Shui Practitioner that I longed to achieve. The course was organized, detailed and Nicole could not have presented the material any better.

She additionally added her own personal and highly elevated consciousness into the training which also elevated the experience. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a Feng Shui Master and joining Nicole in a mindfulness to live life at our highest best and assisting those who are seeking guidance for the same purpose.

With heart felt respect and gratitude for Nicole.


- Marriane Morra Bruno


After implementing a couple of her suggested remedies, things started moving swiftly in the direction of our dreams!

I had read a few books and more than a few websites on Feng Shui before my consultation with Nicole. Her approach to Feng Shui was not only very different from anything I had read, but also much more in-depth and mathematical.

Nicole was wonderful to work with. She provides Feng Shui consulting from a sincere, heartfelt place. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of service, Nicole spends time carefully and thoroughly getting the details right. She double-checks her measurements and doesn’t shy away from making adjustments to her calculations in order to provide the most valuable Feng Shui remedies.

Nicole also did a space clearing for our home, the effects of which were immediately felt. We moved into a home that has had others living in it for over 20 years, and there had been a lot of stagnant energy bringing us down. Only after implementing a couple of her suggested remedies, things started moving swiftly in the direction of our dreams!

One visit with Nicole included information on my personality and that of my family members, a list of positive affirmations, space clearing, a special gift, an in-depth report on remedies to implement, and a caring follow-up. I couldn’t recommend her comprehensive, immensely helpful Feng Shui consultations more!

- Manvi Singh, Grow and Heal Yoga


The shifts were immediate!

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole for a space clearing for my apartment. I had been going through a tough layoff from my job and my husband was in the process of trying to transition careers. It was a difficult and tense time in our house.

I was skeptical of a space clearing at first but decided to give it a try after all the positive reviews I had heard about Nicole. Nicole was punctual, professional and just an overall pleasure to be around. After she performed the space clearing in our apartment things definitely started to change!

I noticed I was able to quickly clear my mind of the negative feelings I had over the loss of my job. In addition, my husband landed his dream job just a few weeks after our clearing!

I would highly recommend Nicole and her services. I have noticed a definite difference in the energy in our apartment and I truly believe it can be attributed to her services. You need to try it out for yourself, can't recommend Nicole and Tree of Life Feng Shui enough, thank you!

- Haylee Buono


We are delighted with the results!

We want to thank Nicole Seidlitz and Tree of Life Classical Feng Shui for having visited us in the preparation stage of our Inn and for redirecting and correcting the beautiful energy that flows through Celestial Inn.

We highly recommend her expertise. We are delighted with the results!

- Celestial Inn Pucon, Chile


Oh dear stranger, PLEASE invite Nicole into your space!

I asked Nicole to come do an energetic cleanse at my house during a time of transition. The past several months had been difficult as I had been processing anger and grief. The house had become a reflection of my energetic self: needing to shake off stagnation.

While Nicole shared her deep and powerful gift, I listened, meditated, and practiced yoga. As the blessings, chimes and sage permeated corners of my home they also soothed crevices in my heart. As the house prepared to embody transition, so did my spirit. With Nicky’s guidance, my house and myself became clearer.

I have been fascinated to feel the different reverberations around and within me over the past five months. Indeed, this seemed to initiate a powerful time in my life: a new roommate, newfound sobriety, deepened faith… I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and quit my job of two years. During these shifts, my home remained my sanctuary place of peace and safety.

The Feng Shui cleaning facilitated the house adapting character. This has allowed me a sense of its needs: how to organize a room, where to hang artwork, where to place a light, when and what to clean, and which corners call for sage. My intuition feels stronger at home as I am nourished to be my most authentic self here.

This shift is palpable beyond me. Visitors respond positively, commenting almost immediately that “it feels good in here!” Friends who visited before and after Nicky’s cleanse commented that the place “felt better - more welcoming, more cozy”. When I flippantly mentioned the change in furniture they made it clear that no, something FELT different.

I’ve heard that gratitude is the highest vibration and I am so very grateful to feel this force resonate within my own and my home’s energy. Thank you for sharing your gift Nicole, I truly believe it helped my life move according to Divine Timing.

Thank you,

Laura Atsma Brown