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March 26, 2018

Feng Shui in a Nutshell

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of feng shui and have some sort of interest in it (maybe even slight confusion?). However, if you have never heard of it, that’s totally fine! That’s why I’m here.

In this blog post, I just want to give you a general idea of what feng shui is and how it works. Feng shui in a nutshell so you can understand more about how physical spaces affects you.

When I say feng shui, you might be thinking of furniture placement, crystals hanging from the doorway, specific artwork, a water fountain with Koi fish, or painting rooms a specific color according to its cardinal direction. And you’re right! All this is definitely related and used in feng shui. However, it’s not only this. There are many other components that, in my opinion, are much more relevant.

When I practice feng shui for myself and for my clients, the main focus is on feelings. How you feel in a space and how that feeling affects you and your life. Every single one of us has a sort of “radar”. You can call it your “gut feeling”, intuition, knowledge that comes from a little voice in your head, or maybe just a feeling of knowing something you can’t quite explain. This radar helps us determine whether we like something, love it, dislike it, if it makes us feel good, bad, comfortable, uncomfortable, etc. And this radar communicates with us through feelings, which in turn is energy. So, basically, our inner radar picks up energy and lets us know what is going on around us through feelings. Makes sense?

Let’s just use an example to clarify. I’m sure you’ve had situations where you walk into a room and there is something about it that makes you feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed. You feel as if you want to stay there and just chill. Now, other times, we come into a space where for whatever reason you just want to run right out the door. Yeah? Ringing any bells? Now you know what I’m talking about!

So, what does feng shui have to do with the feeling you have when you’re somewhere?

Well, feng shui mainly works at that unseen level or energy level (or feelings level if you want), and makes sure you feel your best in the spaces you occupy most of the time.

And how does feng shui do this?

Feng shui is put into practice through the five elements of nature: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The whole idea behind it is to bring about a positive shift in a physical space using the wonderful natural elements. In addition to the elements, decoration, colors, crystals, mirrors and other objects are used to make sure you feel comfortable, happy, supported and at ease in your space. After all, who doesn’t want to have these feelings on a regular basis, right?

So, to wrap things up, having a feeling of calmness and ease when entering your home is THE MOST important thing. If you’re not feeling it, you know something is off and the space might need some attention. Having a balanced amount of things and introducing the five elements mentioned earlier, can help create that relaxing environment we truly want in our homes.

This is feng shui in a nutshell! Please feel free to comment below or email me if you have questions.

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