How to Spring Clean with Feng Shui
March 26, 2018

How to Attract More Wealth with Feng Shui

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In Feng Shui there are many cures and enhancements to help you attract more wealth and abundance into your life. Some are very precise and customized to your home and might require you to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Others are fairly simple and you can implement them without further assistance. In this blog post we’ll focus on the latter – things you can do today all on your own to start attracting more wealth and abundance.

First things first: Clear the Clutter

It is highly important that you remove all clutter from your home. Yeah… ALL of it. I recommend you read my previous blog post on this subject. You can also watch my Clutter Clearing 101 Video for more precise instructions.

I have found we often underestimate the strong, stagnant energy clutter emanates throughout our home. How can we bring in more wealth and abundance if there is no room for it – literally?

You may find that just by getting rid of that stack of clothes you haven’t worn in years, or by throwing out all the food in the pantry that had expired but you hadn’t noticed because the pantry was stuffed, or by finally donating the toys your kids don’t play with anymore, you might notice a shift (sometimes it’s a BIG one) in your income, energy levels and also in the overall feel of your home.

Once you’ve cleared all the clutter, then you’ve created space for new things to come your way. The next step is to make sure this new energy is welcoming and can move freely inside your home, hence the importance of making room for it first!

First Impressions: clean up the main entrance area

This may sound obvious, but it’s very powerful and makes a huge difference.

  • Make sure your front door is clean, well-kept and also brightly lit at night. I like using solar powered lights that guide the way up to the front door. If you live in an apartment building, make sure there is lighting outside your door.
  • Add a “Welcome” mat or a sign.
  • Try having live plants with soft, rounded edges and make sure to remove plants that are struggling to live.
  • Once you walk into your home, also make sure to keep this are free of clutter and clear of dust and dirt.
  • This is your home’s first impression so make sure it’s a good one!

Take care of your heart A.K.A. your kitchen

In feng shui, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Hence the importance of making sure this area is clutter free and clear of old food and hopefully filled with vibrant energy and light.

  • Clear out any old food from the cupboards
  • Keep the countertops clear and only have out what you use on a regular basis
  • Keep knives and any other sharp kitchen items in drawers
  • Add a reflective surface over the stove to enhance overall abundance (many kitchens have one already, but you can always add a round mirror or any reflective surface)

Avoid blue in the bathroom

The element of water is associated to wealth and abundance. Our bathrooms are naturally governed by this element. However, bathrooms are cleansing spaces where the water is let down the drain. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t add excessive “water” features and colors to your bathroom as you will be adding to the abundance that is flushed away. Instead:

  • Use earthy tones or green tones in the bathroom
  • Add seashells, stones or any other decoration made out of earth or plants to “soak up” the water and keep the abundance inside your home
  • Always keep the toilet lid down for obvious sanitary reasons but also to avoid more energy from being flushed away
  • I personally love to add a few fresh flowers to the bathroom with eucalyptus leaves for a fresh and natural scent!

Keep it clean and clear overall!

  • Live plants inside the home are great to keep the energy flowing and attracting wealth your way. Especially if you place them in areas where Chi tends to get stuck – like corners!
  • Make sure your windows are cleaned regularly – these represent your outlook on life and if you want more wealth, well you might want to have a clear view of it!
  • Open your windows for at least 30 min every day in the morning to freshen the air, welcome the new day and open up to new opportunities
  • Do regular clean-ups and decluttering sessions to keep the Chi flowing and fresh
  • Have a specialist perform an energetic space clearing to release old and stagnant energy


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  1. Christine says:

    Nice blog post – I’ve not been doing Feng Shui for long but am starting to get some benefits – I must admit I like your blog better than most, so I will be cack 🙂

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