I’m sure you’ve had situations where you walk into a room and there is something about it that makes you feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed. You feel as if you want to stay there. Now, other times, you walk into a space where, for whatever reason, you just want to run right out the door. Ringing any bells? Yeah? Now you know what I’m talking about!

So, what does feng shui have to do with the feeling you have when you’re somewhere?

Well, feng shui mainly works at that unseen level or energy level (or feelings level if you will), and its goal is to make sure you feel your best in the spaces you occupy most of the time.

And how does feng shui do this?

Feng shui is put into practice through the five elements of nature: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The whole idea behind it is to bring about a positive shift in a physical space using the wonderful natural elements. In addition to the elements, decoration, colors, crystals, mirrors and other objects are used to make sure you feel comfortable, happy, supported and at ease in your space. After all, who doesn’t want to have these feelings on a regular basis, right?

  • I was skeptical of a space clearing at first but decided to give it a try after all the positive reviews I had heard about Nicole. Nicole was punctual, professional and just an overall pleasure to be around. After she performed the space clearing in our apartment things definitely started to change! I noticed I was able to quickly clear my mind of the negative feelings I had over the loss of my job. In addition, my husband landed his dream job just a few weeks after our clearing! (more…)
    Haylee Buono
  • I had read a few books and more than a few websites on Feng Shui before my consultation with Nicole. Her approach to Feng Shui was not only very different from anything I had read, but also much more in-depth and mathematical. Nicole was wonderful to work with. (more…)
    Manvi Singh
    Grow and Heal Yoga
  • Laura Atsma Brown
    This shift is palpable beyond me. Visitors respond positively, commenting almost immediately that “it feels good in here!” Friends who visited before and after Nicky’s cleanse commented that the place “felt better - more welcoming, more cozy”. When I flippantly mentioned the change in furniture they made it clear that no, something FELT different.. (more…)
    Laura Atsma Brown
  • We want to thank Nicole Seidlitz and Tree of Life Classical Feng Shui for having visited us in the preparation stage of our Inn and for redirecting and correcting the beautiful energy that flows through Celestial Inn. We highly recommend her expertise. We are delighted with the results!


Create A Home That Promotes Health With Feng Shui

San Diego, CA

May 17th

Our homes can be vessels that nurture and support us in many ways. But they can also be a never ending drain on our energy. What do you feel when you walk into your home? Do your spirits rise and feel at ease? Or do you feel stressed out and uncomfortable? We spend many hours at home and the time spent there is intended to be nurturing, relaxing and replenishing. If you don’t feel this, then it might be a sign that some adjustments need to be made.

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Feng Shui Master Certification

New York City

September 6 - September 11.

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Feng Shui Master Certification

Sedona, AZ

October 18 - October 23.

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Under 600 sq. ft.


Up to 3 hours

Under 1600 sq. ft.


Up to 4 hours

Under 2600 sq. ft.


Up to 5 hours

Under 3600 sq. ft.


Up to 6 hours

For larger homes, please contact us for a customized quote.
Packages include:
  • In-house visit and Flying Stars reading

  • Energetic Space Clearing

  • Feng shui trigram for each household member

  • 30 days of phone/email consultation and final 15 minute phone follow up

  • Customized report with recommendations

  • Affirmations to enhance each area of the home

*NOTE: Travel fees may apply if outside of San Diego. Packages are completed within the time noted. If you would like further guidance from Nicole, an hourly fee of $250 will apply.


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